Axios StakePool

Axios? In Greek Philosophy it simply means Worthiness, or the theory of value.

Our Mission is to generate people from all walks of life passive income of value.

So what does this all mean? Stake with confidence and focus on other things with bring you value.

Welcome to Axios Stakepool’s website!

Please continue down this page for more information about our pool. Don’t forgot to check our twitter where we actively post updates relating to the pool.

Why delegate with Axios?

Within the team, we hold years of IT, project management, law and financial experience, meaning a diverse knowledge base is held.

In terms of IT, the experience is that of a software developer with experience in linux server maintenance.

We are investors for life, and visualise the magnitude of impact that Cardano, and other blockchain projects, will have on future society.

We set parameters based on what we think is balanced. Fair wealth creation for all creates trust, bringing more delegators to Axios, and more distributable rewards.

Stakepool information


Delegate to us?

To delegate to our stake pool please check us out using Daedalus. We hope that you will join us !

Remember to check out twitter page shown below for regular updates about the Stakepool and also Cardano itself.

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